What is the Campus Inclusion Team?

The team is a group of individuals available to assist students who have concerns about actions of others that have led them to feel excluded at the university. This could include concerns about actions perceived as discriminatory against race, gender, gender identity, religion, or political beliefs or other aspects of identity.

The Campus Inclusion Team (CIT) will listen to student concerns and help the student identify potential solutions or next steps. If, based on the initial information, it appears that there has been a policy or legal violation, the CIT staff person will help connect the student with the appropriate office or resources.

The CIT does not conduct investigations or have the ability to impose discipline. However, the CIT will collect data on the types of concerns that are raised and share information quarterly with the campus community.

Why did the UI establish the Campus Inclusion Team?

For many years, the UI has had offices on campus to address student concerns. However, the university has come to realize many students don’t know where to go for assistance. Creating a Campus Inclusion Team allows us to improve the visibility of these resources – both for students seeking support and for those who may need to refer a student. The creation of the CIT also will ensure a more coordinated and timely response to incidents that affect the campus community.

Can I report something involving university members even if I’m not a part of the University, or it happened off campus?

A student may report any incident of bias or exclusion, however, because the Campus Inclusion Team only provides support and helps identify potential solutions, if a reported incident appears to involve a legal or policy violation, the CIT will help connect the student to the appropriate office.

Can I submit a report anonymously?

At this time, students can contact the service by phone, in person, or via a contact form on this website. While a concern could be shared anonymously by telephone, it is difficult to look into these kinds of complaints without knowing the name of the affected individual.

What about free speech?

The University of Iowa is strongly committed to its values of diversity and freedom of expression. The UI encourages and supports open, vigorous, and challenging debate across the full spectrum of human issues as they intersect with this community. The university recognizes that some protected speech can cause harm. The CIT can provide support to affected students, and help an affected student decide how they want to respond. For more information about the University's history, policies, and support of Free speech, please visit our Free Speech website.

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