After you have submitted your complaint or concern and a representative from CIT has contacted you, you can expect to be given the option of setting up an appointment to meet with a CIT representative or to speak more in depth about the incident via phone.

Once the CIT representative has all the necessary information about your circumstance, you will be guided to relevant resources or invited to continue meeting with the CIT representative for further support.  CIT will not perform investigations or engage in disciplinary actions, but will connect you with the appropriate office if legal or disciplinary action is necessary.

After you have talked to or met with CIT response staff and your concern has been documented and/or passed on to the relevant actionable office, the response staff's role as it relates to your concern is completed unless you choose to continue meeting with a representative for support and/or guidance. CIT will collect data to provide reports on trends of biases on campus. These trends will help inform CIT and the campus community about campus units that struggle with diversity and to help ensure students are provided with the safe and welcoming environment they deserve.  


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